Wild Nutmeg

Designing any knit item is a process that varies from person to person. Some people start on the sketch pad, some jump right in with swatches. I come from an architectural background which makes sketching out an idea like second nature to me, but it also means that ideas can evolve as I go.

For knitting patterns I often have a color combination in mind, from there I get inspired about a theme that fits these colors. When I start a new design I start with pencil and paper to get an outline of the general shape, the repeats in colors I want. From there I usually jump right in. I rarely make swatches, I knit and document as I go. That sometimes means going back a step or two but most of the time it’s a steady creative flow.

Wild Nutmeg started with the colors. It’s an earthy shawl inspired by the deep woods of Colorado. The earthy tones of different trees reflected in the large middle pattern section, that plays around with a bark like structure. The color way Autumn combines rich brown tones with a bit of late autumn leaf colors. Some green leafs are thrown in and a bit of sunshine. Maybe even a little bit of early snow, it’s crystals showing in the star pattern.


My Wild Nutmeg Shawl pattern is now live on Ravelry and Etsy.

Wild Nutmeg is worked from the upper left corner to the right edge.
This is a long shawl that is meant to be wrapped multiple times. The pattern is asymmetrical and features a pretty picot edge.

Gauge is not particulary important for this pattern. Choosing a yarn with different weight will of course impact the total yardage necessary for this pattern.

Length measured at top line: 83” | 210cm
Length measured at right bottom of triangle: 57.5” | 146cm
Length measured at left bottom of triangle: 37.5” | 95cm

Wild Lilac Moon’s Lilac Dream in ‘Autumn’
SW Merino Fingering | 100g | 440 yds | 409 yds needed
Wild Lilac Moon’s Moonlight in ‘Cream’
SW Merino Fingering | 100g | 400 yds | 372 yds needed
Wild Lilac Moon’s Lilac Dream in ‘Citrus Blossom’
SW Merino Fingering | 100g | 440 yds | 66 yds needed

US 3 (3.25 mm) circular 40” (100 cm)
2 Stitch Markers | Darning Needle

There is a video tutorial available for the Star Pattern and the yarn used in the sample shawl is available in my Etsy store. Make sure to get inspired by the wonderful color choices of my test knitters on Ravelry!


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