Meet Moonlight


This has been a tough year in many aspects. Probably one of the hardest I have had. In August of 2018 I lost my best friend and life has not been the same since. If you loose someone everything comes to a screeching halt. You look at things and they seem trivial compared to reality. Your life changes and I for one don’t like change much, especially when it’s a hard one. First I was stunned, then angry. I know the stages of grieving, but I didn’t know how fluent these stages are. Sometimes one lasted a long long time, sometimes two showed up at the same time. Then the feeling of being frozen was replaced by the need for distraction. I think I have never baked that many apple tartlets and cakes (thanks to an abundant year in the orchard) as I have that fall. This and audio books that filled my ear kept me going. Unfortunately one cannot distract oneself forever, so everything came crashing down in these quite moments in the middle of the night. Insomnia is a bitch.

And if things weren’t bad enough, this spring my four legged soul mate, my beautiful Golden Neva, was diagnosed with cancer. I still can’t talk about it, but we fought a hard battle and lost in October. I am a different person today. I have lost before but some losses are harder than others and some just stay with you forever.

So this time it isn’t an apple tart or a cake but going back to the dye studio. I have been working quite intensely with my new yarn base “Moonlight”.

Moonlight is a single ply fingering Merino that runs about 400 yds on a 100 g skein, it is super-wash and recommended are US 0-3 knitting needles (7-8 sts/in).

It takes dye beautifully as a kettle dye or a hand paint.

I have designed quite a few shawl pattern around this base and it doesn’t disappoint.
Check out a few of the colors that are available. 

Feeling Blue, above.

Xerox, below.

Cerise, above.

Aubergine, below.

This is Lime and Nova used for the Summer Breeze shawl.

This is Lime and Nova used for the Summer Breeze shawl, above.

Fruit Pops and Wonderland, below.

3 Replies to “Meet Moonlight”

  1. I am sorry for your losses. I lost my four legged furry friend a week ago. I am a diffrent peraon now as well. I have dug into knitting my socks because even when I am crying I can still easily so the pattern. My thoughts are with you for a brighter new year.


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